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Holiday packages

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  • 5 day fun flight, fishing, camping & hunting package

  • Cessna 172 on Floats
  • Fly to the camp location using a Cessna float plane. this package includes basic camping equipment, hiking & biking trail guides, firewood, flight training in bush & float planes where you get to control and fly a real aircraft.

    Hunting and fishing facilities are available with a guide to assist you when required. take a few days in different places each day advancing and learning more about aviation and living in the remote mountains & bush areas.

  • 7 day intense wild camping, fishing, hunting package with guide

  • Piper Cub on Skis
  • This 7 day intense wild package includes basic training, navigation, weather, mountains, animals, hunting methods training.

    This package is recommended for more advanced people that are serious about living in the wild for a week having a fun and learning experience going to remote fly in places and taking in all the natural scenery and what comes with it.
  • 10 day log cabin relax package

  • DH beaver docked at lake
  • For those that want to add some extra relaxing in there holiday, This package includes fly in a DH beaver to your holiday destination, good food with a camp cook, boats and canoe's to paddle on the lakes or go fishing, lots of fire wood for long nights by the fire with nice food and drink.

    You can also add some extra bush flights to take in the views and go to other special locations (limited to weather conditions at the time)

    Costs of this package can differ depending on the location of lake / cabin where the holiday is based from, also some customers might want extra hours at the yoke. please call for deals and information.
  • 3 day luxury log cabin getaway package

  • DH Beaver on Floats
  • This is the ultimate luxury 3 day package that includes your own log cabin, personnel guide, mountain bikes onsite, trail & hiking maps, fishing equipment, canoe's & small boats. basically everything you will need is included with this package from basic meals and accommodation, transport, training aids and manuals. The aircraft in this pack includes a DH Beaver float & bush planes to take you to the remote sites in the heart of nature. Perfect gift or short holiday for a couple with a max of 4 people per booking. everything is included with this package from luxury food and accommodation, transport.
    Option for extra site seeing in float & bush planes (as extra cost).
  • Cessna 206 on floats
  • Basic pack (3 / 5 / 7 or 10 day)

  • Package at reduced cost compared to the others, includes transport to take off location where you are fly in a Cessna 206 float or bush plane.

    Package includes charts & maps, basic training, tents and basic equipment, clean water supply, washing facilities, first aid cabin. Note: this is designed for people on a budget, you will need to bring some basic equipment and camping gear with you, also is available for larger group bookings (subject to numbers) designed for those that want to explore and live in nature away from all the busy world, there is options to hire mountain bikes and upgrade to a cabin if the weather turns bad. also subject to how much weight each person can carry on the plane extra food and supplies can be bought on most landing destinations.
  • Book today and see your dream come true...
  • Seneca model
  • Locations

  • Map of Canada
  • The Holiday start off centers are spread out across Canada so there is less distance for customers to travel.
  • British Columbia has the most centers (Cranbrook, Victoria, Prince Rupert, Mackenzie & Williams Lake)
  • Yukon centers are at Whitehorse & Dawson City
  • Alberta base is at Hinton
  • Manitoba service centers are at Brandon & The Pas
  • Ontario centers are at Kenora, North Bay & Kingston
  • Newfoundland service center is based at Deer Lake
  • With a new centres in Atlantic Canada coming soon in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.
  • Prices

  • 5 day fun flight, fishing, camping & hunting package $2300 per person
  • 7 day intense wild package with guide $3100 per person
  • 10 day log cabin relax package $2750 per person
  • 3 day luxury package $2950 per person
  • Basic package 3 day $750 per person, (5 day $1000 per person) (7 day $1250 per person) (10 day $1500 per person)
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