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Special of the month aircraft for Sale

2004 Cessna 206, White & blue paint scheme, low usage 260hrs, full service history. Mint condition, powerful turbocharged flat 6 engine...$120,000 Cessna 206
2001 Piper Seneca V, like new only 350hrs of flight. White with Red & Blue paint scheme. Beautiful paint work and condition, serviced regular at likeaneagle sevice centers...$105,000 Piper Seneca
Reconditioned 1965 white & blue De Havilland Beaver on wheels.
Very good condition, fly's and runs like the day it was made...$95,000
DH Beaver on Wheels
Very nice and rare to find 1974 Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, very good working order, approx 450hrs flight, full service history, recent service ready to fly today.
Cessna Golden Eagle 421
2002 Piper Seneca V twin engine aircraft, 3 blade props, full service history, White & blue with red stripes. Low hours of use, Special deal, hard to find in such good condition.
Piper Seneca
1962 Yellow Piper Cub, full service history, recent reconditioned engine, ideal for short hops and pleasure flying. enjoy flying this vintage aircraft.
Yellow Piper Cub

Other aircraft for Sale (cessna/Piper/DH)

1997 Cessna 172, Very good condition, red & white paint scheme, low usage 390hrs, full service history, good aircraft for trainer or new PPL pilot...$68,000 Cessna 172
1998 Cessna 182, 550hrs of flight. White with blue stripe paint scheme kept in hanger all its life, fully serviced, ready to fly.
Ideal for small family...$95,000
Cessna 182
Beautiful condition 1996 Cessna 182 on floats, White with red stripes, 3 blade prop, only 312hrs, full service records, Ideal for bush flying, fishing & hunting...$117,500 Cessna 182 on floats
Nice 1998 Cessna 206, White with Green stripe colour scheme, 3 blade prop, turbo engine, ideal for mountain areas & longer trips, 550hrs flight, full service history...$88,250 Cessna 206
1992 Piper Seneca III, 348hrs, 2 blade props, good service history, suited for longer trips & mountain areas.
Perfect small and cheep to maintain aircraft for a nice family
Piper Seneca III
White with green stripe 2004 Piper Seneca V aircraft, Powerful twin turbo engines, full service history, low hours (148hrs) 3 blade props.
Piper Seneca

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