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This website is written in HTML code all by myself for the purpose of College Interactive Assignment.

  • Full E-Commerce Catalogue

  • Accessories Catalogue
  • In this E-Commerce Catalogue you will find all of the accessories and products for sale on our online shopping center.

    Also click to download the PDF Catalogue file.

  • Aviation Avionics

  • Aviation Avionics
  • Avionics include, Instruments, panels, Auto pilot systems, Weather systems, Warning systems, Navigation systems, gauge mounting systems, Audio & radio systems and many more...

    Instruments Enter the E-Commerce Catalogue for a full list of Avionics and prices. Or click on the logo to go to the Avionics & Instruments pages.
  • Special offers

  • Air Canada dvd
  • Special offer this week includes an Air Canada DVD.
    Awesome video footage onboard of Air Canada flights across the world.

    Aviation book Boeing 700 series

    Also available is this book on the Boeing 700 series, very interesting read and documentation about all the Boeing 700 series aircraft.

    And also aircraft manuals like this Cessna 421 Golden Eagle manual..

    Cessna 421 manual

  • Aviation Tools

  • Aviation Tools
  • Full list of tools and special equipment for working on aircraft is found here.

    Includes panel & fabrication tools like riveting, bearing presses, quality lightweight tool kits, socket sets, service tools, electrical repair tools, crimping and clamping tools and many more...

  • Aviation Electrical

  • Aviation Electrical
  • Electrical products like start motors, Magnetos, batteries, switch gear, fuses, fuse panels & breaker panels, lights, servos, electrical inspection, calibration and testing equipment, replacement of electrical service items & components.
  • Aviation Hardware

  • Aviation Hardware
  • Hardware for all your needs include, nuts & bolts, rivets, screws, fastenings, repair washers, Aviation grade alloy plate & tubing.
    Bushings, cables, bearings, control rods, welding and fabrication supplies.
  • Engine Parts

  • Engine parts
  • Common aircraft engine parts like air filters, oil & lubrication supplies, hoses and pipes, spark plugs, Carburetors, exhaust systems.

    Small components like gasket sets, O-rings, engine rebuild kits and many more...

  • Engine parts
  • Pilot Supply's & Equipment

  • Pilot Supply's
  • Pilot Supply's like Navigation charts, Apparel, Sun glasses, first aid kits, flight bags, life jackets, satellite phones, safety equipment is available.

    Aviation Headsets Headsets, radio, communication equipment and Navigation tools.

    Special deals and prices with all "David Clark" & AvComm" products.

  • Aviation books & videos

  • Aviation books and video
  • Aviation books and videos / DVDs available in a wide selection, from flight training manuals, bush flying, books, aircraft manuals, PPL guides, GA aircraft pilot flying, turbo prop, jet aircraft and many more interesting manuals, books, documentation, audio, DVDs etc...
  • Aviation Apparel

  • Aviation Apparel
  • Apparel items for Pilots and private flyers include, Flight jackets, winter clothing, hats, flight bags, waterproofs, aviation pants, workshop overalls, gloves & other work gear.
    Aviation Travel Bag

    Shirts & formal clothing, Flight bags, ties, pins & patches, tees, hoodys and more...

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