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Value Proposition & Statement

This website is all about Eagles and Aviation

This website is written in HTML code all by myself for the purpose of College Interactive Assignment.

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  • Likeaneagle.ca shop E-commerce page offers very high quality products that are rare to find at competitive prices, through our online shop or by visiting one of the locations in Canada. We offer special services and sales to everyone, with all the service centres based across Canada. Online tracking of sales is available. Refunds & returns on products that are faulty or damaged on delivery. Special custom holidays where you are flown into a lake or remote airfield using classic bush planes, this service is available for anyone and likeaneagle will even help you get to their locations with special routes and transport methods. There is also flight training centres where you can get lessons for pleasure or get a PPL (personnel pilots licence). All likeaneagle centres offer aircraft sales, servicing, repair, testing facilities, shop, accommodation, storage spaces. selected centres have there own flight training schools. The centres shop sells aviation products like maps, charts, equipment, parts, gift certificates and many more items, which are also advertised on the shop web page for sale. All items can be bought or booked online via the E-commerce shopping page , this saves customers time and traveling to locations, as products can be mailed to customers. Larger items like an aircraft can be flown to the customers place of choice (with exceptions) or the customer can be picked up and transported to the nearest likeaneagle location to collect there goods (with exceptions) Specialise in restoration of old & rare aircraft, including bush planes, float planes & vintage aircraft.

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  • Our goals for likeaneagle.ca/shop customers

  • E-commerce website designed for unique customers
  • Successfully sell high quality products
  • Clean layout, easy to read and navigate
  • Quick and easy shopping cart / checkout system
  • Gain high reputation for extremely high customer service and satisfaction
  • Sell product other web sites don't offer, rare to find products & services
  • Have many different options and areas of products to sell so to meet customer needs and keep a constant sales flow and interest from customers
  • Allow feedback, input, after sales service, returns for customers
  • Specialise for Canadian customers, with options to help out any other country
  • Detailed information into products & services
  • Reliable customer service & sales, online tracking
  • Free delivery on some products within a certain area
  • Help line with real people to talk to for help, services, product info and advice
  • Thank you for reading the Value Prosition & Statment, if any other questions or information please contact us or email us using the contact page or
    directly call on (250) 000-0000
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all information and website design is created by myself, this set of web pages that are developed
for the purpose of my Ashworth college Interactive Assignment

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