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This website is written in HTML code all by myself for the purpose of College Interactive Assignment.

  • Aircraft for Sale

  • Cessna 172
  • Aircraft for sale, likeaneagle sells aircraft including single & twin engine planes. Most of the planes for sale are piston engine powered aircraft in single or twin format, small bush planes to high flying & fast climbing twins. The main manufactures likeaneagle buy / sell & service are; Cessna, Piper & De Havilland.

  • Special & rare Aircraft for Sale

  • DH Beaver on Wheels
  • Special & rare planes like the De Havilland Beaver, float planes & project Aircraft for sale.
  • If you are looking for a Bush plane or rare plane, we have a good selection of planes available. And if we don't have what your looking for we will try our best to find it and restore it to its original factory condition.

  • Aircraft Parts & Service

  • Cessna 206 engine
  • Aircraft Parts & Service, remanufactured engines and accessories for sale.

    likeaneagle has service centers based all around Canada which allow customers to fly in and have there aircraft serviced or repaired.

  • The service centers also have on site parts stores, plus the E-commerce online shopping also available for customers that need to buy parts and products over the internet.

  • Flight School

  • Flight School
  • Flight Schools is another awesome part of the company, you can just learn to fly for fun, or take full course and get a PPL to enable you to fly yourself or live your dream and become a pilot as a day job
  • The flight schools are based in Ontario, Manitoba & British Columbia, there is also storage (hangers) available at these locations.

  • Holiday Packages

  • DH Beaver on floats
  • Holiday's that suits your needs, budget & schedule, look no more likeaneagle have custom holiday packages.

  • Choose your province, schedule, accommodation, selection of special locations and even fit some of your flight school lessons within the holiday.
  • Go fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking or just take in the amazing scenery & views and relax with your friends or family. All costs are included (number of people limited to aircraft size).
  • DH Beaver on lake

  • If you want a cheaper holiday options there are camp sites available, so if you want the nice remote locations with beautiful scenery, the fly in holiday, but your on a small budget forget the cabin & take a tent.
Other items like
Flight charts, accessories, equipment, spare parts, operating manuals are also available.
Seneca Cockpit
Specialise in DH Beaver's, float planes, bush planes, Cessna & Piper aircraft.
including DH Beaver, DH Otter, DH Twin Otter, Cessna 172, 182, 206 and others.
DH Beaver on Wheels
Lots of single engine aircraft.
including low wing, high wing, tail draggers, bush planes, float planes are available for sale & service.
Cessna 182 Floats
We have aircraft service center's, where you can fly in or have your plane flown in and fully serviced, by professional licensed aircraft mechanics, The special service center's are based in Newfoundland, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon. Some of our locations have flight schools.
Where you can learn to fly and get a licence, Or just learn to fly for pleasure, the special locations for flight school are in Ontario, Manitoba & British Columbia.
Piper model Girl
Start your new dream career, learn to fly and get a PPL licence. Or just learn to fly for pleasure.
We have special locations for flight school with onsite airport facilities.
Piper Seneca
We also offer limited edition private holidays. Your flown in a DH Beaver to a remote luxury log cabin in the Bush where you can enjoy nature, relaxing, fishing, hunting, canoe & many more.. Piper Seneca
  • History of Aviation

  • Humans have developed different aircraft over the last 100 or so years.
  • Aircraft started out very basic shapes and designs, until advancement in aerodynamics design, stronger & lighter materials, navigation systems, more efficient wing design, larger and faster planes.

  • There are also different aircraft layout designs, basically an aircraft is made of a pair of wings, a fuselage (body), tail fin, tail plane, form of forward movement power source (engines) landing gear, control surfaces. they vary from low wing, high wing, low tail plane, high tail plane, tail draggers, turbo props, jets, piston engine props, single engine, twin engine, delta wing, and the list goes on.
  • A famous rugged plane that's made in Canada is called the DH Beaver, it comes in many forms, tail dragger, skis, floats, Tundra wheel, amphibian. Famous actor "Harrison Ford" owns and fly's one.
  • Click Here to view Harrison Ford flying in his very own De Havilland Beaver

    Or watch a Float plane DH Beaver in this video below...

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