Racing cars, Stock Cars & Road Cars

Motor vehicles started out as a basic slow method of transport that quickly developed into bigger and faster performing cars, soon the race car was born.
A stripped down road car with performance tires and safety roll cages became a sport for manufactures to race on a Sunday and sell on Monday

Without media / TV and sponsorship road cars would still be road cars and nothing exciting, the passion of designers and people to have high power to weight ratio cars that handled better than the average road car was more popular in the 1960's onwards.

There was a large array of different racing series with different cars from, Formula One cars, Stock cars, GT cars, Rally cars, endurance racing series. This created competition for the teams , manufactures, technology, drivers.
The result is a cycle that started out as a road car developed into a race car, then the technology of the racing world was put back into the road car with special editions and people wanted to buy something that was similar to they saw on the TV on a Sunday afternoon.