Aviation, Aircraft & Flight

Aviation started in mass production and use in the early 1900's with planes first designed to fight in world war 1 & 2.
Larger and faster aircraft was soon designed and built so they could transport goods & supplies within the country’s that required it.
It was only later on after the wars that Aviation took off into a new era with more efficient and powerful engines, larger planes with multiple engine configurations that could fly longer distances in a shorter time.

Airplanes was designed & built to serve as a common transport method for people and goods long distances and hard to reach areas.
The demand for pilots, engineers and other personnel produced lots of new jobs, with a wide variety of pilot skills based on the different aircraft available, location and purpose.

Many pilots & personnel started of in flight school and used what’s called "trainers" to get to grips with the basics of flight and navigation.  This is where such planes as the Piper Cub & Cessna 172 are used, especially the Cessna aircraft in today’s era.